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Insect hotels

There are many reasons for having an insect hotel:

  • Natural habitats for beneficial insects are getting scarce; you can help endangered insect species.
  • Beneficial insects are useful biological plant protectors.
  • It is very educational and informative to watch insects during the year - not only for children!
  • Each insect hotel is a beautiful design item for your garden, balcony or terrace.
  • Insects are important pollinators of plants and therefore increase yields.

Last but not least, an insect hotel is a great gift idea for every nature lover!

We offer a wide range of insect hotels of different manufacturers at various price levels.

There are special hotels for only one species like e.g. wild bees or ladybirds, but also insect hotels for a whole bunch of species - just chose the one you like the most.

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Luxus Insektenhotel Landhaus Komfort
Luxury Insect hotel 'Landhaus Komfort' (© S&S)
Luxus Insektenhotel Landsitz Superior Insektenhotel Biene
Luxury Insect hotel 'Landsitz Superior' (© S&S)
Insektenhotel Wildbienenhaus
Insect hotel 'Bee' (© S&S)
Insect hotel 'Wild bee' (© S&S)