Research and Development

In addition to production and distribution, S&S operates in the field of research and development as well. Our targeted research is carried out practice-oriented, like for example:

  • testing of new beneficial organisms
  • optimization of existing production techniques
  • establishment of new quality testings and quality standards
  • continuous quality control
  • searching for new application areas
  • development of new application methods 

Quality assurance has always been most important at Sautter & Stepper. As early as 1995, Frank Stepper took part in the establishment of international Quality Standards at the IOBC Group (International Organisation for Biological Control). At a national level, the association of providers of beneficials had been founded. Here again, S&S plays an essential role in the introduction of quality standards.

Among others, the following products originate from S&S development:

  • Encarsia hangers
  • Encarsia stickers
  • mini sticky traps
  • Amblyseius mix 
  • Chrysoperla MC
  • ChrysoCard
  • application schemes for poinsettia.

Many of these developments were so excellent that they were adopted by other competitors.