the history of SAUTTER & STEPPER


Our new TYPO3-based website is going online. We can now modify our homepage immediately without help from outside.

The ChrysoCard is introduced on the IPM grower show.

Exchange of our heating from oil to gas.

Building of a CHP (combined heat and power station)


We got a new storeroom in the Schwedenstrasse. There are 700 m² on three floors - a bit oversized, but we are sure we will need the full capacity very soon!!

The "Nematop-Käferstopp Refill" is going on sale. By this way, the wooden traps can be reused.


1986-2011: We celebrate our 25 years anniversary of the Sautter & Stepper company. There is a photo competition, the pictures of which can be watched here.

Three new cool chambers are installed, so we can store all beneficals at a proper temperature. There is an electronical alarm system as well, which informs in any case of interruption.

After lots of successfull trials, "Nematop Käferstopp" is introduced.

We now have roller traps for monitoring for sale.

A youtube channel is created to show our selfmade videos:


Habrobracon is added to our product range as an additional beneficial insect against food moths.

Our company logo is revised and receives a facelift.


Our new growers shop goes online. All orders are now automatically linked to our merchandise management system. The customers receive a shipment confirmation. 

Steinernema kraussei is introduced - the combat of wine weevil larvae is now possible from soil temperatures of 5°C upwards.

The voucher system is expanded by beneficials against clothes moths and food moths.


Adalia bicunctata is included into our product range.

Trichogramma aganist clothes moths are introduced.

Vouchers against moths are available now.

Amblyseius barkeri is provided for the biological control of Tarsonemid mites.

A voucher system for the resale of beneficial insects is launched. The vouchers can be redeemed on


CROPAID, a compound to improve frost resistance, is now offered.


1986-2006: We celebrate our 20 years anniversary - as the main prize, a ballon ride can be won.


Hail damage on 14/07/2005: 'Only' 8% of the glass panes are broken. Not far from here, there are nurseries with 100% damage.


Introduction of the Euro on 1st of January 2002 - all our databases and computers have to be adjusted.


Cooperation with Entocare (Netherlands); 10 new beneficials are added to our range, most of them for the use in indoor greenery:

  • beneficials against soft and armoured scales
  • beneficials against thrips
  • special predatory mites for the use in low air humidity


Establishment of the VND e.V. (Association of suppliers of beneficial organisms). The goals are:

  • development and indroduction of quality standarts
  • quality control
  • joint research projects


An emergency power generator (48KW) is bought to be prepared for the 'millenium crash'.


15/08/1998: We receive an award from the federal state government for our merits in the field of biological pest control.

Ulrich Büsing becomes the third managing director of the SAUTTER & STEPPER GmbH.


Cooperation with Becker Underwood, UK, from where we now obtain nematodes

  • against slugs (Phasmarhabditis bacteriophora)
  • against wine weevil larvae (Steinernema kraussei, for the use at low soil temperatures)


Planttec Frankfurt: annual participation from 1991-1994, afterwards the fair had been closed. 

Construction of a fully automated Encarsia glue machine with a capacity of 5.000 Encarsia cards per hour.


Inauguration of the new beneficial breeding site in the Römerstraße.

The elite breedings remain in the Rosenstraße to assure a spatial separation.


Start of construction works with the resettlement of the production to the Römerstraße. - This site is only about 1 km away from the main site.


Space is getting short, we decide to resettle the production into the greefield - a risky step.


Founding of the SAUTTER & STEPPER GmbH - which assumes research, development and sales & marketing.

The SAUTTER & STEPPER GbR is responsible for the production of the beneficials.


New greenhouse in the Lupinenstraße for the production of Phytoseiulus - a predadory mite production line is created. Close cooperation with the Humboldt University in (East) Berlin.


As our fourth beneficial, Amblyseius cucumeris is included into our breeding.

Trials with Encarsia in Euphorbia pulcherrima are carried out.

A prototype of an Encarsia sticker is born.

Cooperation with Christian Hansen Biosystems in Denmark - the first nematodes against sciarid flies and wine weevils are imported from there. In the beginning, the nematodes were delivered in sponges which had to be washed out.


A method for the separation of Encarsia pupa has been developed; they are now stuck on paper cards. 

Installation of an Aphidoletes breeding.


4 greenhouses and 2 growthchambers are built.

We produce two beneficials:

  • Phytoseiulus persimilis
  • Encarsia formosa.

We even have EDP with a Commodore 64.

Our first fair "Garten 1986" takes place in Sindelfingen.


The company was founded on the 6th of December 1985.

Not everybody was convinced of the idea to do plantprotection with good bugs.

the preceding time and how everything came to be....

Everything started similar to Bill Gates (in 1985 as well!). Instead of the garage, grandmothers old chicken garden was used for the building of the first greenhouses. 

Frank Stepper and Hardy Sautter are graduates of the TU Müchen Weihenstephan. They both studied horticulture and worked as temporary empolyees with Professor Frenz. At that time, they were 'infested' by the 'beneficials virus' from which they have never been cured...