production of beneficials

Since 1986  Sautter & Stepper is producing beneficials. There are modern facilities like greenhoses or labratories.

production of beneficials

The breeding takes place in greenhouses, in artificial light chambers or as laboratory breeding in climate chambers.

Beneficials can be bred on alternative hosts or on their specific plant pest. For example, the parasitic wasp Encarsia formosa or the predatory mite Phytoseiulus persimilis can only be bred on their natural hosts. In theese cases, it is therefore necessary to cultivate plants.

The picking and packaging of the beneficials is of equal importance as the breeding itself: The beneficials have to survive the transport unharmed and they have to be applied efficiently by the growers.

Picking and packaging

The produced beneficials are specially packaged for the transport and for each way of application. Thereby, we achieve

  • standardized quantities
  • small packaging volume
  • uncontaminated beneficials that are free of their hosts like whiteflies or spider mites
  • hygienic conditions, because no deseases are spread by plant parts.

You can find a little insight into the development of our breeding under History.