Aphelinus abdominalis

Aphelinus parasitizes aphid (Viridaxis)

Parasitic wasp

Aphelinus abdominalis
has a quite wide host range. The parasitic wasp can be used against

  • Aulacorthum solani
  • Macrosiphum euphorbiae
  • Rhodobium porosum
  • Macrosiphum rosae
  • Myzus persicae.

The adult insects are about 1mm long and have a yellow-black colouring; males are darker than females. During its lifespan of two weeks, each female can parasitize up to 1000 aphids which turn black after about seven days. From these so-called aphid mummies, Aphelinus hatch from a round hole. Furthermore, the female wasps suck haemolymph from aphids (5-10 aphids per day), a phenomen called 'host feeding', which means an extra combating effect.

A. abdominalis prefers warm temperatures (>20°C) but has low requirements concerning humidity.

Aphelinus can be used for the biological control of