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Steinernema carpocapsae

Weevil trap containing nematodes

Steinernema capocapsae Nematoden
Steinernema capocapsae nematodes (© e-nema)
NematopKäferstopp - Verpackung
NematopKäferstopp - package (© S&S)
in den Nuten der Holzbretter befindet sich ein Gel mit Nematoden
the notches of the wooden plank contain a gel with nematodes (© S&S)

Nematop Käferstopp is used to combat adult wine weevils (from Mai till September). The trap is made of wood with notches milled into it. In theese, there is a gel which contains a total of 2,5 million Steinernema carpocapsae nematodes. The weevils hide under the trap and there get infected with the beneficial nematodes. By the use of the trap you can gradually reduce the number of weevils.

We also offer a Refill for the re-use of the wooden traps. It contains enough gel to re-fill three traps.