beneficials for storage

Trichogramma evanescens

parasitic wasp

Trichogramma evanescens (© AMW)
Card with Trichogramma against clothes moths - the beneficial insects are protected in the card (© S&S)
Life cycles moths and parasitic wasps (© S&S)

Parasitic wasps of the Trichogramma species are egg parasites. This means they lay their eggs into the eggs of the moths, and instead of the moth larva, a beneficial wasp hatches from the parasitized egg. This cycle recurs as long as there are moth eggs left. When the wasps don't find any more eggs, they die. The tiny beneficial wasps are only 0,3 to 0,4 mm long and hardly visible to the naked eye.

To break the life cycle of the moths, several applications of the wasps have to take place every three weeks. With every application, one card (with 3000 wasp eggs) per shelf has to be put in between the food packages or the clothes. The cards are automatically delivered ervery three weeks.  

To combat food moths, you have to release the Trichogramma three times (every three weeks), in case of clothes moths six times.

For the use of Trichogramma in professional storage, in shops, health food stores etc., we recommend a continously application throughout the period of the main activity of the moths (April until October), in combination with additional hygiene measures.